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Polished & Stained Concrete, Epoxy Concrete Coating, Terrazzo Restoration and Marble Floor Polishing in Miami.

Find all of these services in Miami under one roof and let us show you how these are properly done by experts.

Our company is based in Miami and we're a full-service floor restoration expert, having fully licensed and insured with over two decades worth of industry experience. We provide quality residential and commercial work, focused on doing terrazzo restoration, epoxy concrete coating and staining jobs in Miami and Broward County with flooring staining/coating services that are high quality, yet affordable.

When you avail of our services such as floor staining, epoxy concrete coating, or terrazzo restoration work in Miami, among other services we have, you will witness our company's continued commitment to have the superior workmanship in the entire project.

You can be assured that we do our best to complete any task in our list such as terrazzo, concrete floor and marble restoration services to the pleasure of our clients and customers. All our workers are skilled in the various services we do such as home restoration works like terrazzo restoration, floor staining techniques, and epoxy concrete coating process, among other related works.

Floor Finishing

Our workers can turn ordinary concrete floors into an interesting artwork through Concrete Acid Staining. This staining process allows you to have a glazed stone finish on your concrete floor. The staining process is available in earth tones.

Floor Toppings

Wondering what to do the coating of your floor? You can create a stylish finish for both new and old interior concrete floors by using our cement topping/coating and micro-topping/coating. Made from a mixture of grey, colored Portland cement, and even classic white our toppings can be used both for concrete and tile and soundproof surfaces, which allows you more room for creativity and options as to what to do with the coating. We want to provide you with as much choices when it comes to the coating so you can determine what coating suits you better.

Floor Restoration and Refinishing

Beautiful epoxy floors fade through time that is why it is necessary for restoration works to be done on epoxy surfaces which have been roughed up overtime. Restoration rejuvenates the epoxy surface to bring out its look and beauty. Restoration is a tough process that only a handful of contractors in Miami are known to be experts in epoxy surface restoration.

Our restoration process of terrazzo, marble and concrete floors include diamond grinding—that results to a durable surface with natural luster, filling holes with epoxy, and filling cracks with epoxy. Working on bringing back the beauty of terrazzo surfaces must be done by experienced contractors in Miami because terrazzo requires deft handling of the material. Terrazzo surfaces can be easily ruined by amateur contractors in Miami who have little or no experience in handling terrazzo materials.

We also service high gloss epoxy floors of residential, commercial, and even industrial areas in Miami, especially working on their staining requirements. We bring out the best quality of their surface when we are contracted to do staining in the surfaces.


Our experienced janitorial staff around Miami Dade/Broward County is trained to take care of your epoxy floor coating, as well as your terrazzo surfaces so that the staining works on it, as well as the coating, would not be ruined. We want to maintain the staining of the surface while keeping it clean in Miami. Terrazzo surfaces, like staining surfaces, must be maintained by people who are knowledgeable on the material.

We give FREE quotes/estimates so when in Miami, call us today!

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